10 creative ways to decorate your nails for Pride Month in 2023

Intriguing ombré "Aura nails" (also known as airbrushed nails) are our favorite nail trend. Enhance the appeal with contrasting chrome detailing.

Minimalism is essential. This rainbow-tip design is simple, sleek, and easy to achieve for aficionados of more minimalistic manicure styles.

Claws made of crystal If you prefer something more showy, these powerful, blinged-up talons will definitely make you stand out.

Everything in moderation With this palette-inspired nail art design—a playful mix and match of elements—you may channel your inner artist.

Doodles in various colors Keep it charming by adorning your nails with doodles in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

The Rainbow Highway To make this wavy rainbow manicure stand out, add a dab of glitter.

3D gels Dip your toes — or your nails — into an avant-garde aesthetic created with multicolored gel nail polish.

Delicate dried flowers Change up your ordinary French tip manicure by encasing little sprigs of dried flowers in top coat.

Chrome iridescent If you want a colorful, sparkly nail art design that goes well for a day out or a night at the club, full chrome is the way to go.

Jelly droplets The dewdrop nail style adds texture to your manicure and goes well with a wide range of base colors.

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