10 Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Use Warm Woods By embracing wood panelling on walls, ceilings, and hardwood floors, Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. played up the historic charm of a Catskills Arts & Crafts mansion from 1887.

Practice Pattern Mixing This cosy guest room was styled by Erin Williamson Design with vivid wallpaper and pattern-on-pattern mixing. Patterns can be blended in a variety of ways, according to Williamson.

Add a Family Photo Wall The blogger Annie Diamond of Most Beautiful Things painted her bedroom walls a deep gray to create a cozy atmosphere. The soft oak floors, bed linens, and sparkling white ceilings, window trimmings, and doors are grounded by a dark wall color.

Accent With Dreamy Floral Wallpaper The Golden Age Wallpaper by Melissa Dilger of Ellie Cashman Design transforms this bedroom into a beautiful flowery garden retreat.

Add Midcentury Modern Touches This Tudor house bedroom designed by Seattle-based OreStudios features a brilliant blue overdyed Turkish rug in a white, cream, and grey-hued space.

Create a Sense of History This charming guest bedroom on Long Island's North Fork features vintage-inspired accents.

Layer Cozy Textiles An elegant bedroom in a modern Seattle townhouse was designed by OreStudios using warm gray and cream colors.

Create a Cozy Bunk Room A beautiful kids' bunk room from Christina Kim Interior Design features dorm-style bunk beds covering an entire wall, creating a comfortable sleeping area.

Add a Fireplace What could be cozier than a fireplace? The fireplace in this OreStudios bedroom is opposite the bed. Calming lavender walls.

Choose a Wrap-Around Headboard A wrap-around upholstered headboard creates a cocoon-like effect in this intimate bedroom from Christina Kim Interior Design. The bed sits in front of a bank of windows in a small nook.