10 Simple Ways to Avoid Overeating and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Small plates, big impact: Your brain needs 15-20 minutes to decide if your stomach is full. You'll eat more on a larger plate since you can fit more dishes. 

Remove sugar without realizing you have too much: From breakfast to lassi, every meal has a sugary trap. Foods high in sugar and lacking in nutrients might make weight loss

While lassi may seem nutritious and tempting, a single serving can contain up to 30 grams of added sugar, more than the daily recommended amount.

Packaged fruit drinks include sugar and artificial sweeteners despite their healthful appearance. 

Ready-made/packaged fruit juice can include 20 mg of sugar per cup, nearly the daily limit. Cereals are a convenient breakfast, but they can be sweet. 

Breakfast cereal has 12 mg of sugar per bowl. Sodium can also induce obesity and other health issues: Packaged snacks are convenient yet unhealthy. 

 A modest INR 20 packet of chips has 300-400 mg sodium. The American College of Cardiology and physicians worldwide recommend limiting sodium intake to 1500 mg per day.

Sodium Reduced: Many commercial or restaurant soups have 800 mg of sodium per serving. One bag of instant noodles, your go-to supper, can meet 70% of your daily sodium needs. 

Eat more seasonal grains: Seasonal produce excels in taste, cost, and sustainability. Fresh flavors reflect the seasons and promote wellbeing on your plate.

Plate over Bag: Best approach to beat snack attack: When eating chips, popcorn, or nachos, a plate is always better than a packet/bag.