11 symptoms that you should get rid of a toxic person from your life

Consistent Negativity: They are constantly negative, critical, and pessimistic, which can drain your energy and affect your own outlook on life.

Manipulative Behavior: They use manipulation, guilt-tripping, or emotional blackmail to control you or get what they want.

Lack of Empathy: They show little or no empathy for your feelings or struggles and are dismissive of your needs.

Excessive Drama: They thrive on drama and conflict, creating unnecessary turmoil in your life.

Frequent Lies and Deception: They habitually lie, exaggerate, or deceive, making it difficult to trust them.

Jealousy and Envy: They are jealous of your success, happiness, or accomplishments, and may try to undermine or belittle your achievements.

Constant Criticism: They criticize your choices, appearance, or lifestyle excessively, eroding your self-esteem.

Isolation: They isolate you from friends and family, making it challenging to maintain other relationships.

Lack of Boundaries: They consistently disregard your boundaries and personal space, often crossing lines you've set.

Draining Your Resources: They are financially or emotionally dependent on you and constantly drain your resources, leaving you feeling depleted.

Physical or Emotional Abuse: They engage in physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, putting your safety and well-being at risk. In such cases, it's crucial to seek professional help and support immediately.

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