17 Healthy and Quick Vegetarian Snacks

Choosing healthy snacks throughout the day is essential for any diet, including vegetarianism.

Unfortunately, many fast and easy snacks are high in calories, sodium, and sugar.

Still, finding healthy, portable, and convenient vegetarian snacks is possible.

These 17 healthy vegetarian snacks are quick and easy.Your favorite fruit and nut butter make a quick, satisfying, and portable plant-based snack.

Apples, bananas, and strawberries are abundant in fiber and antioxidants, keeping you full between meals 

Meanwhile, almond, peanut, and cashew butters provide a lot of protein and healthy fats.Cheese sticks are a handy snack that can satisfy cravings.

Cheese sticks typically include 5–7 grams of protein per 1-ounce (28-gram) meal, depending on the brand and variety.