3 Zodiac Signs Are Known Heartbreakers

Your go-to sad girl Spotify playlist has been on repeat for days, you’re refusing to leave your bed, and you can’t tell whether the lump in your throat is a sign of anger

Each sign has its reasons for why they act the way they do — for one placement, it’s all about meeting expectations, while the other signs may end a fling out of emotion or boredom

Guarded and mysterious sign Scorpios have a hard time letting people in, so it’s possible you might find yourself falling harder for the water sign than they’re falling for you.


If there’s one thing to know about Leos, it’s that they’re always looking for the next best thing. From trends to flings, the fire sign moves on fast

Leos also love receiving attention from others, so it’s possible that once the initial excitement of the situationship wears off, they’ll want someone new to sweep them off their feet all over again

Virgos don’t enter relationships with the intention of being heartbreakers. But as a perfection-obsessed sign who knows exactly what they want, don’t be surprised

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