3 Zodiac Signs Love Reading

For some people, bookshelves are just a decorative display to show off all their knick-knacks, while others fill every corner with memoirs, best-sellers, and hardcovers.

These are the same people who have fallen victim to the “is a pleasure to have in class” to adult bookworm pipeline

As a naturally inquisitive sign, Virgos’ persistent desire to learn keeps their heads buried in books 24/7. They want to know everything about everything


Intelligent Capricorns are always looking to expand their minds, and reading is just one of the many ways they’re able to do so. Lee explains that as a sign ruled by Saturn,

Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, which would explain the air sign’s love of reading. “Geminis read books for entertainment and educational purposes

because they love discovering new topics because their brains are constantly processing new information and taking in new ideas

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