5 of the most flirtatious zodiac signs

Mirror mirror on the wall, which zodiac sign flirts most? You're 99% likely to declare yourself a flirt if you answer the question yourself. 

Few people can flirt harmlessly. If you employ such a skill to make your crush happy, you will wind up with someone adventurous (even if it's not your crush). 

However, which zodiac sign flirts the most? The Venus sign might help answer the issue in astrology. Astrological Venus symbolizes love, harmony, and romance. 

Astrology houses also influence flirting. Here, 5th and 7th houses matter. For the uninitiated, the fifth house in astrology represents pleasure and favors sensuous flirting. 

Scorpio flirts with you with words and body, but we don't sure where they acquire their confidence. Being the most sensual sign in the zodiac jungle, Scorpios flirt easily. 


Rachel said, “that man is one hell of a smooth talker,” referring to Gemini. Rachel loved Gemini's smooth flirtation without appearing geeky. Gemini is controlled by Mercury, the communicator. 


If you talk about love, romance, sex, or anything connected without a Taurus, that's unfair. Taurus are naturally flirtatious and one of the most flirtatious signs.


Libra balances his positive side with? A mind with many flirting fancies. Libras love being the flirtiest zodiac sign. 


Pisces, you know how to romanticize life. The Pisces' ability to imagine the most romantic life for themselves might make their love life great.