5 Zodiac Signs Untolerant of Success

My acquaintance earned a promotion, my cousin bought their dream house, and my neighbor's Instagram is full of exotic vacation photos. 

Most people appreciate these accomplishments, but other zodiac signs struggle.

It's not that they're cruel; their innate impulses and personality qualities can make them feel envious or forgotten. 

Discussing these unique celestial personalities and why they may struggle with others' successes.

Competitive and ambitious, Aries is the first sign. They adore being pioneers. When others reach a major milestone, Aries may feel left behind. 

The royal lion personifies Leo, who loves attention. They crave attention and recognition for their capabilities. Someone else shining brightly in an area where they thrive can make them feel left out. 

Scorpios are passionate and emotional. They crave achievement and recognition due to their drive for control. Scorpios may constantly compare themselves to others at their accomplishments. 

Working hard is Capricorns' trademark. They follow high standards and work hard to succeed. Nevertheless, this dedication can be double-edged. 

The Aquarius are known for their creativity. Accepting their distinctiveness, they march to their own drum. But this quality can also cause a different form of envy. 

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