5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Excellent at Hiding Their Emotions

A person's horoscope might show how they express their emotions and feelings. 

Conversely, the same horoscope will show how they hoard those emotions and feelings. 

Astrotalk lists the 5 least expressive zodiac signs based on Sun signs that are good at hiding their emotions or uncomfortable expressing them.

Some find it easy to speak things out. However, some find it difficult and uncomfortable to disclose their thoughts and feelings. 

Virgos are semi-pros at disguising emotions. As the least expressive zodiac sign, they rank highest. They're sweet, but it takes decades to get them to talk. 


Libra follows for low-expressing zodiac signs. They dislike pretense. However, they would take decades to reveal themselves. 


Next least expressive are Aquarius men and women. Social and affable, these natives may confuse people with their emotional expression. However, this is not true.


Capricorns are practical and goal-oriented, but they think feelings should be hidden. Thus, they are among the least expressive zodiac signs. 


We all know Taurus is one of the stubbornest signs. Their rigidity often hinders job and life. However, they rarely express their emotions.