5 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Handle the Success of Others

Your acquaintance was promoted, your cousin bought their dream house, and your neighbor's Instagram is full of exotic holiday photos. 

 Most of us appreciate these accomplishments, but some zodiac signs struggle with others' success.

In a world full of success tales, it's important to remember that each zodiac sign's reaction to others' wins is based on their traits. Envy is natural, yet it can lead to growth and self-reflection.

Aries, the first sign, is competitive and ambitious. Trailblazers love to lead. When someone else reaches a major milestone, Aries may feel left behind. 


Royal lion Leo thrives on attention and admiration. They crave attention for their talents and accomplishments. It can feel like the spotlight has shifted when someone else shines in their area of expertise.


Scorpios have strong emotions and passions. Their demand for control often drives their quest for success and recognition. Scorpios may constantly compare and evaluate themselves when presented with others' achievements. 


Work ethic and diligence define Capricorns. They have great expectations and work hard to succeed. The determination might be a double-edged sword. 


Aquariuses are admired for their creativity. They embrace their originality and march to their own drum. This attribute can sometimes cause a different form of envy.