6 Effective Yoga Exercises To Gain Weight

Yoga's versatility extends beyond its role in weight loss—it can also be harnessed for weight gain in those who struggle to put on pounds.

While the majority of individuals are focused on shedding weight, there exists a subset dealing with the challenge of gaining healthy weight.

Despite their efforts to overeat and remain sedentary, these individuals find it difficult to see an increase on the scale. Paradoxically, being underweight carries similar health risks as obesity.

Yoga, a potent practice for fostering mindfulness, relaxation, balance, and physical alignment,

offers a multifaceted approach to addressing this issue. By harmonizing the mind, body

And spirit, yoga serves as a tool to not only manage weight but also encourage a holistic state of well-being

For those seeking to gain weight through yoga, here are some effective strategies:

Strength-Building Asanas. Incorporate poses that focus on building muscle strength, such as standing poses, inversions, and arm balances.


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