6 Most Depressed Zodiac Signs

Are you frequently irritated, moody, grouchy, and bad-tempered? Do minor things annoy you? Astrology says you may be a cranky zodiac sign who makes others sad.

Sometimes everyone has a rough day. Some zodiac signs tolerate them better. Grumpiness affects how you see the world, live, and interact with others. 

People and events will likely disappoint you if you anticipate them to. If left unchecked, moodiness can lead to more severe anger, despair, frustration, and resentment. 

Some people are irritable zodiac signs occasionally, while others are always cranky.

The Virgo zodiac sign is the last on the list of irritable and grumpy zodiac signs. If a Virgo is at work and is excited about something, but their surrounds are not, they will get gloomy. 


Scorpios are sensitive, but they don't want the public to see it, so they hide it behind grumpiness. Scorpio men and women must connect with compassion in order to avoid being irritable. 


These indigenous people become extremely unsatisfied and annoyed. As a result, they are among the most sensitive and irritable zodiac signs. 


Everything from a shift in temperature to the type of light shining on Capricorn might set them off in a rage. It's remarkable how people or crowds aggravate a Capricorn's situation. 


Cancers become irritated by minor to moderate annoyances. Family issues are the most likely to make people irritable. 


Aquarius can grow agitated and upset if they do not feel heard or understood.if they are not handled properly, they like being the brightest and most creative zodiac sign in the room.