6 Nail Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023

Celebrity manicures went viral, and the most in-demand manicurists became full-fledged influencers, 

making 2022 a major year for nail trends. So, what is in store for this year? 

These are the five manicure trends that will dominate your Instagram feed in 2023, ranging from low-maintenance designs to upscale nail embellishments. 

Chrome does not always imply bling. Harriet Westmoreland, global ambassador for OPI, thinks that chrome,

although not as you know it, will be big in 2023, pointing to the shade's mature progression. 

Westmoreland will use chromium on top of opaque and sheer base colors to give nails a glossy, healthy appearance. 

Dazzling Disco, a chrome-topped opaque design by Townhouse, is a new spin on the summer's glazed doughnut nail trend,

which was inspired by Hayley Bieber's ultra-shiny manicure.

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