6 Signs Your Angels Are Guiding You

Astrology is a heavenly language that can decipher the forces that surround us. It creates a picture of divine guidance when combined with angelic whispers.

Let's take this cosmic adventure together, discovering the astrological signs that correspond to the presence of your guiding angels.

The Sun represents your essence in astrology, whereas the Moon represents emotions and intuition.

When these luminaries make harmonious aspects in your birth chart, it may indicate that your angels are guiding

you to emotional balance and inner harmony. Pay attention to times when you feel at ease and emotionally aligned.

Venus, the planet of love and peace, has a strong influence on our personal relationships and wants.

When Venus makes a favourable transit to your natal planets, it's an astrological indicator that your angels are rooting for you.

Mercury retrogrades are infamous for causing communication breakdowns, but they can also deliver intuitive insights.

If your inner voice becomes more clear during these periods, it's an astrological indicator

that your angels are employing cosmic currents to convey you messages that will guide your actions.

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