8 September Zodiac: Sign, Personality, Compatibility, More

What makes an October 29 zodiac sign special? Scorpios born on this day are intense, empathetic water signs.

But what do you know about Scorpios and astrology? Studying your birthday may reveal more

about your personality and motivations than imagined! What does this old tradition imply about an October 29th baby?

Astrology and other symbolic studies can reveal the personality of every birthday. Astrology is meant to be entertaining and social,

yet it may surprise you with what it can teach you about yourself. We'll discuss your personality's strengths

and weaknesses and your future if you were born on October 29th. Let's start with Scorpio's basics.

You should know that each zodiac sign has a modality, element, ruling planet, and placement.

Scorpios are water signs with a fixed modality and the 8th of 12 zodiac signs ruled by Pluto. What does all of this entail for Scorpios?

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