9 Warning Signs: How to know an Unhealthy Marriage

A healthy marriage is characterized by mutual respect, effective communication, trust, emotional support, and shared values.

Partners in a healthy marriage work together as a team, support each other's personal growth, and find ways to compromise

Resolve conflicts. They prioritize spending quality time together, maintaining intimacy, and nurturing their emotional connection.

Conversely, an unhealthy marriage exhibits various signs that indicate trouble. Constant arguments, a lack of communication

An absence of emotional or physical intimacy can be red flags. Controlling behavior, manipulation, and emotional abuse erode the foundation of trust and respect.

Disparities in power dynamics, where one partner dominates decision-making, can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction.

When partners don't take responsibility for their actions, blame each other for problems, or exhibit defensiveness, it can hinder effective conflict resolution.

Infidelity or financial secrecy can also strain a marriage. Withdrawal from each other's lives, such as pursuing separate interests without involving the spouse, can lead to emotional distance.

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