9 Warning Signs That Your Relationship Is Ruining Your Life

He texts and your day is made! Today is sunny and you're smiling. When he cancels or takes too long to answer, your mood plummets and you become unsociable

Contrary to popular assumption, severe mood fluctuations are rare (excluding medical conditions). overly low lows and overly high highs are never good.

Are you jealous of other partnerships rather than enjoying yours? Not good. If you're taken but still want what everyone else has, from TV couples to people you see walking to work, you're definitely with the wrong guy.

First thought every morning? Him. Your final thought before bed? Him again. This may seem like love, but it's actually an early symptom of obsession! You should think about him, but not exclusively

You must live independently of him. Otherwise, what will you have after the breakup?

He mad at you? Happy? What? The guy's mind is a mystery. He appears to like being secretive in the relationship, but whomever thought mystery is appealing was mistaken.

Jump and ask how high. He makes all the decisions and you follow his schedule. Despite your busy schedules, you still wait for him to start conversations. 

o. Your connection shapes your day, and others see you at your best and worst. Persons in your life may question you