A glittering glitter polish is one of the most gorgeous winter manicure trends

BEAUTY Dazzling glitter polish is quickly becoming a popular choice for winter manicures, and it's easy to see why.

In this year's winter manicure trends, you will witness varieties of dazzling brilliant nail polish

ranging from dark and deep colors to whitish tints that glitter like snow illuminated by the golden sun. 

This year's winter manicure trends are expected to be popular from November through March.

As soon as winter arrives, we start getting ready for the gatherings that take place during the Christmas season.

Even while we might be able to cobble together an outfit at the last minute, other aspects of our appearance, such as a new haircut, pedicure, or manicure, will require significant advance planning. 

A radiant manicure will feel new and exciting if you are accustomed to painting your nails in more subdued colors such as brown, beige, classic red, or dark cherry. 

If, on the other hand, you select a more subdued shade of varnish, the shiny manicure will not stick out and may be coupled with clothes that are appropriate for business or everyday wear.