Aaron Rodgers gives Jordan Love $112,500,000 advise as he tries to take over Green Bay.

The Green Bay Packers' selection of Jordan Love as Aaron Rodgers' replacement in 2020 stunned the football world. 

Even though Rodgers was not done playing, the Packers used a first-round pick on a quarterback.

In fact, after Love entered the scene, he earned two more NFL Most Valuable Player honors

Both quarterbacks will be forging new pathways three years from now. Rodgers, who signed a three-year, $112.5 million contract with the New York Jets, will be the starter there while Love takes over in Green Bay

Nonetheless, the former Super Bowl champion shared some wisdom with his former teammate and protégé.

After 18 seasons as the Green Bay Packers' main quarterback, Jordan Love will have a lot of shoes to fill.

During Rodgers' tenure, the NFC North team made 11 playoff appearances, including five NFC Championship Games. 

Rodgers led the Packers to a Super Bowl XLV triumph against the Pittsburgh Steelers.Aaron Rodgers took over for three-time NFL MVP Brett Favre as the Packers' starting quarterback.

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