After Team USA's defeat, Lakers G Austin Reaves' brother responds to critics.

The regular season is just days away, and Cleveland Browns CB Denzel Ward has a concussion.

Unfortunately, this is Ward's fourth concussion in his five-year career. Due to the injury, he missed practice on Monday and may be forced to miss the team's season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday.

The two-time Pro Bowler is now in perilous ground, since recurrent head injuries have been linked to major health problems in football players both during and after their careers. 

There has been no mention of Ward leaving the game, either from the organization or from the cornerback himself, though Jacob Roach of USA Today's Browns Wire believes there should be.

"Cornerback Denzel Ward has a long injury history, missing time in every season since he joined the Cleveland Browns in 2018," Roach wrote on Monday, September 4. 

"Somethings are more important than football, and the Browns should speak with Ward about the seriousness of his concussion history."

The concussion he suffered in the preseason finale against the [Kansas City] Chiefs was his fourth in his NFL career. 

This includes Ward, who suffered two concussions in the same month in 2018, effectively ending his season."

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