An ex-Lakers player believes Anthony Edwards will end up in Los Angeles, but others are skeptical.

It's a story that can be traced back decades in NBA history, at least to when Michael Jordan initially turned basketball players into international pitchmen: 

A rising star emerges, makes an impact in his first few seasons, demonstrates the potential to be a long-term superstar, and the presumption rapidly develops that he will end up in New York or Los Angeles.

In reality, that doesn't happen very often—almost never in the case of the New York Knicks. But that doesn't stop the league's entire observer class from debating it.

Patrick Beverley, presently with the Sixers but a former Laker (and Clipper), sees a similar scenario unfolding with Anthony Edwards in Minnesota 

"He will get out of Minnesota," Beverley predicted. "I mean, that's just how it is. And I mean no offense to Minnesota. 

It's just that with his personality, he has the potential to change the world via basketball."

When asked where Edwards could land, Beverley agreed it had to be in Los Angeles or New York. "Of course it has to be. 

For him to get the most—and I was in Minnesota at the time. It's not a dig at Minnesota or small-market teams," he added.

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