Based on your zodiac sign, what sort of burger are you?

As a divided nation, we may unite on National Burger Day, August 24, 2023, to raise a sodium-swollen fist in praise of America's sandwich.

The Whopper launched a wave of deluxe competitors, including the Big Mac, because to Aries' initiatory and stimulating spirit.


Taurus people are wicked and bougie; they want worldly pleasures, additional cheese, and hotel room upgrades.


Castor and Pollux, the fabled twins, embody the duality in all people and Gemini. Jon Basso's career, proprietor of Las Vegas' Heart Attack Grill, is a prime illustration of polarization.


Cancerians have an acute and rose-colored nostalgia for the past since they rule the fourth house of home and root systems.


Leo symbolizes monarchy, first place, and blue bloods. The Big Mac was once called the Aristocrat and Blue Ribbon Burger.


Virgos are unfairly portrayed as sensitive, meticulous squares who are picky about cleanliness and judgemental about everything else.


Libra is the zodiac's undisputed diplomat, ruling the seventh house of partnerships, contracts, legal binds, handshakes, and hand jobs.


The burger's best part, molten cheese, is concealed and dangerous, like a Scorpio. Waitresses advise, "Give it time before biting."


Sagittarius controlled the ninth house of travel, philosophy, and expansion—riches, open minds, and the open road. Keizo Shimamoto, a former computer programmer turned cult cuisine creator, created the Ramen Burger.


Capricorn represents unwavering excellence and prosperity, if not popularity. Additionally, Saturn, the planet of constraint, rules sea goats. The legendary In-N-Out Burger.


Aquarius people, who are visionaries but lack empathy, often feel superior to others. In comes the Superiority Burger, a quinoa-based plant patty that brags.


 Pisces is controlled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions..