Based on your Zodiac sign, you are a classic dessert.

Cake or pie, Aries wins. These zodiac signs appreciate being first. Since pies—fruit, cream, or seasonal like strawberry rhubarb or apple—are the most popular dessert in the U.S., they're the classic dessert for this zodiac sign.

Earth sign Taurus is known for being grounded. Since they represent bulls, these signs are unwavering. They may be stubborn, but their self-commitment and routines make them solid, loyal, and trustworthy companions.

Geminis are the most famous zodiac sign, which isn't always good. Twins represent these signs, which are commonly called two-faced, but this is unfair. Every zodiac sign has flaws. 

Like crabs, Cancers hide their actual selves behind hard, chilly shells, but they're softies at heart. Their compassion and empathy are always present, even if not visible. 

Leos are summer babies, and it shows. These signs have huge personalities and warm spirits and live life to the fullest. Leos adore the spotlight and are natural entertainers due to their ambition, boldness, and charisma. 

Everyone knows to ask Virgos for quality work. Earth signs enjoy being industrious and will gladly take on another task to mark off their to-do list. Virgos are orderly but not tidy. 

Libras, like the scale, are perfectionists, but unlike Virgos, they're aesthetic perfectionists. This sign's eye for symmetry and proportion makes them exceptional designers, stylists, decorators, and art critics.

Scorpios, like Geminis, are known for their reputation. Secretive and cryptic are these signs' thing. Scorpios are appealing because of their elusiveness, but they see it as much more.

Sagittariuses, the luckiest sign, embody "go big or go home." Not by luck either. These signs' upbeat and happy-go-lucky nature generally works in their favor.

Capricorns are famed for their strength and poise, as Michelle Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. attest. The energy of these signals commands a room. 

Aquariuses are air signs, despite their "aqua" name. The two are social opposites, so you know when you meet them. 

Pisces are intuitive, sensitive, and artistic. We emphasize "begin." Given that these indicators are hard to distinguish, two fish swimming in opposite directions are appropriate symbols. 

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