Be Careful, These 3 Zodiac Signs May Break Your Heart

That individual your friends warned you about broke your heart again. You've been listening to your sad lady Spotify playlist for days, you're not leaving bed, and you can't tell if the lump in your throat is anger, grief, disdain, or all of the above.

Even the best of us experience unexpected breakups, but there may be a solution. If you've been dating only these zodiac signs, you may have dated heartbreakers, so don't give up on dating.

These three zodiac signs are the most irresponsible in love. We've all been with heartbreakers and shattered hearts ourselves.

 The reasons each sign acts vary; one placing may be matching expectations, while others may be emotional or bored. You shouldn't stop pursuing someone based on their zodiac sign, but if you notice a pattern, it may be worth watching.

Guarded and mysterious sign Scorpios have a hard time letting people in, so it’s possible you might find yourself falling harder for the water sign than they’re falling for you.


If there’s one thing to know about Leos, it’s that they’re always looking for the next best thing. From trends to flings, the fire sign moves on fast, and they don’t mind breaking a few hearts in the process.


To be clear, Virgos don't want heartbreak in relationships. Earth signs are perfectionists who know what they want, so don't be surprised if they cancel without notice. 


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