Be Wary: These Three Zodiac Signs Could Break Your Heart

That individual your friends warned you about broke your heart yet again. Your go-to depressed lady You've had your Spotify playlist on repeat for days, you're reluctant to leave your bed,

and you're not sure if the lump in your throat is a symptom of rage, despair, contempt, or all of the above. It happens to the best of us, but there may be a method to permanently halt the sudden breakups. 

You don't have to give up dating just yet, but if you've been seeing these zodiac signs exclusively, you may have a track record of dating heartbreakers.

We've all been with a few heartbreakers (and possibly broken a few ourselves), but no one is more daring in love than these three zodiac signs.

Each sign has its own motivations for acting the way it does - for one, it's all about matching expectations, whereas the other signs may end a fling due to emotion or boredom. 

 Of course, you should not pursue someone simply based on their zodiac sign, but if you notice a pattern, it may be worth keeping an eye on.

Locked and cryptic sign Scorpios have trouble letting others in, so you may fall harder for them than they do for you.

1. Scorpio

Leos are always seeking the next greatest thing. Fire signs move quickly and destroy hearts with trends and flings. After the initial excitement of the situationship wears off, Leos may want someone fresh to sweep them off their feet again.

2. Leo

To be clear, Virgos don't want heartbreak in relationships. Earth signs are perfectionists who know what they want, so don't be surprised if they cancel without notice. 

3. Virgo