Breed has little to do with your dog's behavior, according to a new study.

The scientists obtained DNA sequences from over 2,000 purebred and mixed-breed dogs and extensive behavioral evaluations from over 18,000 pup parents. Their findings imply breed is weak or irrelevant for determining dog behavior.

“Although ‘friendliness’ is the trait we commonly associate with Golden Retrievers, what we found is that the defining criteria of a Golden Retriever are its physical characteristics

Considering dog breed prejudices, Dr. Karlsson developed the study to account for owner bias on behavioral traits like:

University of Pennsylvania Penn Vet Working Dog Center director Cynthia Otto said the study "totally makes sense to me." I think some breeds have more big-picture behavioral features than others, but individual variety is so high.”

Toxicology, preventive medicine, behavioral medicine Dr. Janet, DVM UC Davis graduate

They were shocked when a muddy puppy was bathed.

Breed matters if you want to know how a dog will look. However, the pup's age and life experiences will reveal their behavior.

 Pit Bull aficionados will be unsurprised that the breed scored well on human friendliness.