Bridgerton Character That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s Energy

even if it won't likely premiere until later this year. Finding the definitive royal, romantic, or regal character

It's never too early to start making a warm cup of tea and tying your corsets in anticipation of Bridgerton Season 3,

that best represents your zodiac sign is one way to get ready for the sizzling show's comeback. So,

if you're impatiently awaiting the latest revelations from Lady Whistledown's Society Papers,

at least you can use this list to channel your favorite member of Regency-era high society in England while you wait.

Everyone has a favorite Bridgerton character, but you might be shocked to learn that your spirituality isn't always tied to the persona

you prefer to live vicariously through. You must first be aware of the personality qualities that your sign is most closely related to in order to decide which character best represents you.

A sympathetic, hopeless romantic will probably symbolize you if you are a water sign. If you are an earth sign,

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