Browns Message Nick Chubb Before Bengals Opener

Despite suspicions concerning Nick Chubb's job with the Cleveland Browns this season, head coach Kevin Stefanski believes he's crucial to the team's succes

Since joining the Browns in 2018, Chubb has driven the offense. 

 He ran for 1,525 yards and 12 touchdowns last season, his fourth straight. Four Pro Bowls and a league-leading 5.2 per carry average distinguish Chubb.

With Deshaun Watson entering his second season, the Browns are anticipated to pass more, but Stefanski said Chubb will still be a key factor.

I don't think you change Nick Chubb's role. We'll do some things differently as an offensive this year, but that's normal every season,

Stefanski told reporters on September 6. “You adjust and evolve in your run and pass game. I think that'll happen. But Nick is still a huge component of our offense.”

Nick Chubb Ready to Catch More Passes The Browns should not reduce Chubb's role in the offense since he is a trustworthy back. 

 Besides being a Pro Bowler, Chubb won't complain if he doesn't get his touches. He prioritizes winning and doing his best with the ball. He'll be ready to catch passes if his job changes.

“We’ll see. Chubb said anything can happen in the game when asked about collecting more backfield passes.

“Many of our guys can do many things. I'm looking for any chance to play on the field with my squad and win.”

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