Can a boy and a girl marry if they were born on the same day?

Astrological profiles depend on birth dates in Vedic astrology. The locations of planets, stars, and cosmic forces at birth are said to affect personality, proclivities, and life path.

1. The Importance of Birthdays:

Due to the same planetary positions, boys and girls with the same birth date have quite similar birth charts.

2. Planetary Positions and the Birth Chart:

Sharing a birth date indicates the boy and girl have comparable cosmic influences, but the birth chart includes moon signs, ascendants, and planetary combinations. 

3. Mutual Cosmic Influences:

Vedic astrology uses “Kutas” to determine compatibility. These criteria examine moon sign, ascendant, and planet alignments.

4. Factors of Compatibility:

When considering marriage between a boy and a girl with the same birth date, you must also consider their birth times. 

5. Identical Birth Date and Time:

Vedic astrology recognized that marriage harmonizes cosmic energy between two people. While having the same birth date may produce resonance, moon sign compatibility and dosha assessments are also significant.

6. Harmonization of the Cosmos:

Vedic astrology gives solutions to balance energy and improve compatibility when cosmic influences suggest possible problems. Rituals, gemstones, and spiritual activities are among cures.

7. Corrective Actions:

Birth charts in Vedic astrology are blueprints for potentialities, not fates. Free will, decisions, and actions shape life, including marriage.

8. The Function of Free Will: