Cancer Survivor Reveals Heartwarming Connection With Ja Morant

14-year-old Ja Morant enthusiast Gavin Schooley told ABC24 how much the Memphis Grizzlies standout has influenced him.

 Schooley is a cancer survivor, but a Christmas gift from his favorite player makes him grin every day.

Last December, Morant announced his 12 Days of Christmas Campaign, giving his biggest fans a free pair of his iconic shoes. 

Schooley, one of the winners, recently acknowledged his gratitude for the gift.

"I was stunned. Not sure what it is. Because if it's a surprise, you may imagine numerous things "Gavin told ABC24. 

"It demonstrates he cares about people and sees their struggles. For me, seeing how much he cares is shocking."

Brian Schooley, Gavin's father, told ABC24, "Ja Morant was Murray State for two years. 

In a photo of him shaking Gavin's hand, you can see how much Gavin admires him."

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