Clearing Negative Energies from Your Aura Field Using Astrology

Our aura, or energy field, must be cleansed daily like our bodies. Astrology's deep understanding of cosmic energies helps us eliminate negativity and promote positivity in our aura field. 

Earth gives us crystals with distinct energy. Black tourmaline and smokey quartz absorb and transform negative energy well. Keep these crystals in your pocket or ring to defend your aura.

Planetary mantras link your aura with cosmic forces. Chanting “Om Suryaya Namaha” connects you to the Sun's energy, brightening your aura. 

Salt is highly detoxifying. Mix a little salt with water and gently apply it on your skin while showering. Visualize negative energy melting and washing away.

Visualize your solar sign's symbol—your essential self—every morning. Imagine it shining brightly, eradicating your negativity. Enjoy the rejuvenation and positivity this visualization gives.

Grab the sunrise with open arms. Hindu astrology associates the sun with life and positivity. Face the sun in the morning and do a few Sun Salutations. 

Burning sage or sandalwood incense purifies the air and aura. Let the sacred smoke envelope you by lighting the incense.

Hindu astrology emphasizes pranayama, controlled breathing. Regulate your breath to balance energy and purify your aura. 

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