Color and Texture Trends in Nail Polish Driven by Technology

 Nail polish strips, gel nails for salons and at home—covered in a future article—color-changing nail polish, textured nails, water-based nail polish, and others are current trends.

 This author1 previously reviewed nail polish as a decorative coating for nails and as a formulation, detailing the technical requirements for desired aesthetic effects and performance.

Nail polish is a makeup staple for many ladies. It may complement their outfit or create a striking fashion statement. In either case, nail paint strips are a major fad.

One can buy nail polish stickers or strips. Vinyl or other flexible material with an adhesive base makes nail polish stickers. Nail polish strips are nail polish placed to an adhesive layer with a detachable backing,

One business mixes base, color, and topcoat into one strip.7 New nail strip manufacturing processes and raw ingredients are listed below.

The nail product box states: “Open, unused strips should be discarded.” After application, the solvent evaporates, leaving a stronger coating on the nails.

Color-changing nail paint can be thermochromic or photochromic. An outside trigger causes the hue change in either scenario.

Caviar nail finishes are obtained by pouring or touching the nail into a small container of glass or plastic microbeads to set but not dry nail lacquer. A topcoat seals the beads to the nail when the polish dries