Cowboys Legend A Heartbreaking Video of Michael Irvin Requests NFL World Prayers

Michael Irvin's devastating news has the NFL world praying.

The standout receiver shared an Instagram video about having lunch with his mom. The following statements are devastating. 

They inspired NFL players to send their best to the former receiver.

Irvin stated the doctors were trying to get his mom into hospice while eating with her at the hospital. 

Irving's birth mother died in 2015, confirming his video reference. 

Irvin did not specify whose relative he was talking to, but his love for them is clear.

The renowned Cowboy triplets included Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith. A 1999 career-ending injury against the Philadelphia Eagles ended Irvin's career.

When circumstances are tough, we draw strength from sports. Irvin's update on his mother's health drew support and prayers from fans who have followed his career.

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