Cute Acrylic Nail Designs That Will Make Your Personality Speak Louder Than Words

Handshakes and the way you handle your phone when you're on a date or being a boss babe are two things that can make or break a first impression. 

Nails that aren't bit, broken, or dirty are perfectly fine on their own, but adding some color and having a little bit of fun on them certainly won't hurt anyone, if you ask us.

Your personality, as well as your level of attention to detail (or lack thereof), can be deduced from the way your fingernails are done.

Just so you know, other people pay a lot of attention to your well-manicured nails

 particularly when you haven't been to the salon in a while. It would appear that Sonakshi Sinha has taken this information into consideration

as she has recently introduced her own line of press-on nails called Soezi.

If you're having trouble making sense of the designs, we have some suggestions for you.

We have some suggestions if you're struggling to make sense of the layouts.

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