Danielle Collins responds to criticism about the Maria Sakkari confrontation.

Danielle Collins claims she felt compelled to defend the audience after Maria Sakkari tossed the ball into the stands during their Montreal match.

Earlier this month, during the second set of her Montreal second-round match against Collins, Sakkari botched a first serve and sent the ball flying into the fans.

The ball did not strike anyone, and the chair umpire did not intervene, but Collins did not go undetected. 

Collins and Sakkari got into an on-court dispute, with Collins urging Sakkari to "shut your mouth," to which Sakkari responded by asking Collins what her problems were.

outrage for instructing Sakkari to "shut your mouth," as others simply didn't like the way Collins treated Sakkari on the court.

"She almost hit someone, and I got villainized for standing up for them," Collins told tennis.

Collins explained why she called out Sakkari on the court, saying coach Jared Jackson has been working with her on being her "authentic self" in recent months.

That's why Collins mustered the guts to confront Sakkari. "I wouldn't have done that a few months ago."

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