Deion Sanders says Colorado standout Travis Hunter will be gone for three weeks.

According to Deion Sanders, the head coach at Jackson State University and a former NFL great,

Colorado standout Travis Hunter is anticipated to be sidelined for three weeks owing to a recent turn of events.

This unexpected turn of events has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world,

Raising concerns about the impact on Colorado's next games as well as the circumstances surrounding Hunter's injury or absence from the club.

Travis Hunter's Ascension: Travis Hunter, a dynamic athlete well-known for his superb on-field skills, has played a crucial role in Colorado's recent successes. 

Hunter has piqued the interest of fans and scouts alike since he is a dynamic player capable of making plays that have a substantial impact on the result of a game. 

 His transformation from a quality high school prospect to a college standout has been nothing short of extraordinary, and his absence from Colorado's roster will undoubtedly leave a void.

Deion Sanders provided insight during a press conference, announcing that Hunter would be out of commission for the next three weeks. 

However, no information about the reason for Hunter's absence was provided.

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