Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True

First of all, no human can see what a dog sees — so it’s a little tricky to work out where this myth came from.

“Dogs just don’t see as vivid colors as we do,” explains Veterinarian Sara Ochoa, DVM, a consultant for “The main colors dogs see are yellow and blue

That’s because grass causes them to vomit, Ochoa says, but other dogs chomp on the green stuff for a variety of different reasons.


Often dogs just like to eat anything!” say the experts at The Puppy Academy. “It's fun for them to graze, sniff and taste what's out there, especially in new areas

It can show a dog is friendly, over-excited and wanting to play, but that’s not always the case, according to The Puppy Academy team.

The Puppy Academy suggests looking for other behavioral signs, like relaxed eyes and ears, to ensure you're reading the situation correctly before assuming a dog is friendly.

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