Dwyane Wade was the most relatable superstar in the NBA.

Wade is challenging to write about in a love letter since he lacks the one distinguishing characteristic of his contemporaries.

He lacked the range shooter's accuracy, the size and power of some of the post bigs he played with, and the godlike court vision of the NBA's best point guards.

 But if you were to put Wade in a room with any other famous person from his generation, and that room happened

o have a stunning woman nursing a cosmo at the far end, Wade would undoubtedly leave with her number. 

His extraordinary power is top-tier self-assurance. If he were bad at basketball, 

this would be simple to picture him in politics; he might even end up there. He is a strong and courageous leader.

Think about the 2003 draft picks that came after Wade: The greatest basketball player of all time is high school dropout and 6'8" point forward LeBron James. 

Carmelo Anthony, a freshman who had just won an NCAA title, close in size and skill to LeBron, one of the most talented and fluent scorers we've ever seen

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