Each Zodiac Sign Can Show On September 3, During Venus Direct In Leo

Venus turns straight today, helping each zodiac sign manifest what they need, want, or want. Breathe deeply and light a rose-oil candle today.

You've survived another Venus retrograde and are ready to learn from this astrological phase. Put your hands on your heart and grin.

Venus, which regulates connections and abundance, entered Leo on June 2, 2023. Since then,

it's worked through its pre-shadow retrograde and is ready for post-shadow lessons.

Venus went retrograde from July 22 to September 3, 2023, challenging you to focus on your heart's truth,

Pre- and post-shadow phases are equally crucial, maybe more so, for this planet. Venus' pre-shadow period,

when it slows down and prepares for retrograde, is much more significant. Summer 2023 began on June 19 and concluded on July 22

when Venus retrograde began. After its forty-day voyage through the underworld, Venus is direct.

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