Everyone is falling in love with these three Zodiac signs, therefore they'll have the best week.

In addition to a new astrological season—the sun's last stop in the zodiac wheel—three lucky zodiac signs will experience the finest week of September 11–17.

Mercury highlights many options, changing our outlook from realistic and typical Capricorn to more innovative and intellectually curious.

This mystical synergy can be soothing and liberating creatively or romantically by urging you to trust a higher power and let the chips fall where they may.

Cancer Breathe deeply and absorb it. This week, you are fueled by optimism, faith, and curiosity as well as recognizing your blessings. 

Scorpio You're happy whether or not you're cashing in at the end of the week. Jupiter brings luck and expansion to your sixth house of health, work routines, and daily affairs, especially with the moon in Sagittarius, your second house of comfort, money, and value systems.

Pisces This week, you welcome solar season by surrendering your anxieties and doubts to a greater force. Your atmosphere is intriguing and exotic, artistically and romantically. Your intuition and empathy are also enhanced, so enjoy your mystical activities, especially meditation and reflection.

 just in time for the sun to enter your sign for the first time, Venus will have a meeting with alchemical Pluto (your 11th house of affiliations,

Those of you who have gone out of your way to pay it forward make a difference, and so do those of you who are able to tune into the compassion that is already present in your heart. 

Karma has never made one feel quite so nice.