"Everything Roger Federer does is done with style; he's a huge inspiration." Swiatek, Iga

Roger Federer, a shareholder in sportswear sponsor 'On,' was one of the main reasons Iga Swiatek joined.

The World No. 1 discussed her friendship with the 20-time Grand Slam champion, whom she met last week at the US Open, in a Vogue magazine 

The Pole said she rarely saw Federer on tour because their careers didn't intersect until last year. 

She met him during On discussions before joining the brand.

The four-time Grand Slam champion called Federer a "huge inspiration" for his class.

"When Roger retired, I just joined the tour, so our timing wasn't ideal.

 I met him when talking to On "He does everything with class. Roger inspired us and changed our game.

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