Fact check: The FBI did not rank the'most dangerous' Zodiac signs.

People are flocked to the stars in unprecedented numbers in this age of uncertainty because of the pandemic.

According to Google Trends, terms like "astrology," "birth chart," and "Zodiac" have been increasingly common.

Additionally, the demand for services relating to the mystic arts has significantly increased.

Astrology's allure is its promise to provide insight into the future. According to a widely shared Facebook post, the FBI even uses astrology to help identify potential criminals.

An image posted on Facebook on August 19 has the caption "Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs Ranked by FBI."

The image appears to be a screenshot from a story that appeared on PsychReel on June 30.

This UK-based website bills itself as a "trusted online resource... on how your personality type shapes you"

and states before each of its articles that they have been "medically reviewed by our scientific review board."

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