'Fashionable Dogs' exhibit arrives to NYC's Museum of the Dog during New York Fashion Week.

It's not just humans who attend New York Fashion Week.

The American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog is bringing New York Fashion Week to the bark side with its newest exhibit, "Fashionable Dogs."

Specific dog breeds, like fashion trends, have come and gone throughout history, "as the ultimate accessory from nobility to the runway," according to the exhibit's statement.

The AKC Museum of the Dog will feature "a variety of mixed media from painted portraits, archival photographs, 

and vintage objects depicting the popularity of several dog breeds and how they influenced fashion and how tastes fashioned the breeds,"

"Along the way, they will come across works by Herb Ritts, Neal Barr, and the inimitable Weegee." There are celebrity dog owners such as Edward VII, Queen Alexandra,

Colette, and Greg Louganis, as well as Art Deco pieces by French etcher Louis Icart," he noted.Fausel, on the other hand, stated that the show is neither about putting clothes on dogs or having dogs wear clothes.

"Attendees who might have expected to see a line of dog coats, sweaters, or booties would be disappointed," he stated.

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