Five signs of the zodiac that are foodies

Who doesn't like food? Some folks live to eat, no lie. They should because we have no reason not to. Why not experiment with what God made for us to enjoy?

The following five culinary zodiac signs have been doing that for millennia. 

 That means all zodiac signs like food? Not even close. Like eating food is really different from loving it. 

True food lovers realize how hard it is to avoid food. If you don't feel the drolls from the photographs, you're not a gourmet zodiac sign. 

Most people love food, but some will do anything for it. These 5 zodiac signs enjoy food. 

The Virgo love of eating can be irritating. For someone who doesn't like eating, their constant food photos and movies are too much. The ultimate foodies, Virgos find comfort in food. 


Taurus, ruled by Venus, find enjoyment in tangible things, including food. Taurus adore food but are usually too indolent to buy it. 


Sagittarius is another gourmet. Also the one who fails the “bahar ko koi kuch de to khana mat” discussion. Sags are outgoing, therefore they engage a lot with the outside world, including food. 


Cancer is the zodiac jungle's mother. Cancers prefer to be given more than simply food, unlike typical parents.


LEOs and food are connected. Leos can't refuse food and require much of it to function. Yes, keep a Leo eager to see a live zoo.