Food Astrology: Foods For Each Planet And Zodiac Sign

Food astrology provides information about people based on their zodiac sign. Food astrology also considers planets' auspiciousness and inauspiciousness.

Eating according to the zodiac signs helps you predict your future and keeps you healthy. dietary astrology describes your zodiac sign's dietary habits.

You can make any planet friendly by eating a certain cuisine. Astrologers believe that eating mindfully and astrologically will help you through life's crises and benefit that planet.

Leo has the Sun. Leos are aggressive and royal. They prefer spicy, hot, and great cuisine.

Planet Moon controls Cancer. Cancerians appreciate royalty and beauty and are emotional. Watery signs don't like strange substances.

Jupiter controls Sagittarius and Pisces. Strong Jupiters prefer fatty, pungent, and sugary cuisine. You'll enjoy ghee, seeds, and nuts.

Astrology says Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Spices and flavor must be abundant in the food.

Mercury controls Virgo and Gemini. Zodiac sign natives like sharp flavors. Virgos and Geminis like spicy, cooling foods, according to food astrology.

Venus controls Libra and Taurus. Therefore, Venus-ruled signs enjoy sweets. They appreciate a mix of sweet and bitter flavors. 

Saturn controls Aquarius and Capricorn. These zodiac signs love bitter foods. They want light, detoxifying meals.

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