Gilbert Arenas and Shaquille O'Neal back Stephen Curry over Magic Johnson.

As a lifetime Golden State Warriors fan, I've enjoyed watching Stephen Curry's story progress from "is he even better than Monta Ellis?

 to "is he even better than Monta Ellis?" answer "Is he the greatest point guard of all-time?"

And, while the good ol' sports talk begins with the fans, both inside and outside of Dub Nation

 it's much more exciting to hear when NBA players join in on the debate because they are the ones who have played the game at the highest level. 

As much as I love Curry in NBA 2K, it's always interesting to hear from the men who've made millions balling on the court.

So it was a fairly fantastic moment when former Warriors firebrand Gilbert Arenas questioned Curry who was the best PG ever and Curry reinforced himself over Magic Johnson.

But then Arenas emphasized why Curry was superior to Johnson based on Magic's Lakers' high quality (they already had Kareem Abdul-Jabarr,

Arguably the greatest player of all time), Curry came into the league to play under the aforementioned Ellis before spearheading the rise of a modern basketball dynasty.

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