Gilbert Arenas lashes out at a former player who said his Lebanese squad could win the Nuggets.

Current and past NBA players have criticized Noah Lyles' critique of "world champions" claims.

Arenas, Rashad McCants, and other former NBA players discussed Lyles' statements on his "Gil's Arena" podcast. 

Arenas called international professional clubs "a bunch of f---ing has-beens," with most players not making an NBA squad.

Arenas chastised McCants for saying everyone at the table played overseas. He played in Lebanon, McCants claimed.

Arenas wondered if McCants' former Lebanon squad could overcome the Denver Nuggets, who won their first NBA title in June.

"We have a chance," McCants said.Get away of here. Get away of here. Your loss is 200! Stop!" Arenas stated.

Arenas remarked that no foreign professional basketball squad could beat an NBA team.

Arenas said, "We're looking at the Spain team and their Olympic team." "We're not looking at their championship teams."

"The best Euro in the country would be on the NBA team, not the Euro Cup winners!"

After winning three gold medals at the world championships in Budapest last week, Lyles caused controversy.

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