Glitter Nail Polish Fashion

The reason glitter nails never go out of style is because everyone loves them so much. 

Wear your glitter nails with anything from bright, traditional garb to sleek, sophisticated western wear.

Discover some of today's most well-liked examples of this timeless nail art trend, and treat yourself in style.

Red nail polish, especially glitter nail polish, can fix anything. This accent nail manicure was created by Instagrammer @happyfingertips using two of our colors,

French Affair (red) and Sparkling Dust (glitter). We can't help but adore anything that combines the colors red and sparkle.When compared to glitter nails

You may achieve a similar appearance by applying a holographic manicure top coat with small glitters over a color of your choice. Nail flakies are a fun way to try out the glitter nail craze.

 Nail flakies like this can be found in any cosmetics shop. They come in a wide variety of forms and sizes and are chunky glitters. 

Use a paper reinforcement sticker placed above the moon band of your nails and a glitter polish such as Sparkling Dust to create the illusion of a full moon. Apply the same glitter polish to the nail of your pinky finger.