Hobbies That Are a Sign of Trouble

I left a girl once because every time we were out in public, it just turned into a photo shoot. Not fun – she was a photographer and expected that quality shot

My old roommate used to go out driving on rainy days specifically to splash pedestrians. That seems pretty red flag to me.”

There was a post of a guy that was angry at his mother because her hobby was to find random people on the net, find everything about them, and message them about it


“Making fake animal rescue videos. Abusing animals. Hurting and making fun of homeless people for content

From living in Vegas, I see the pattern of people having a bad poker night and then going to “less skill-oriented games” to make money back. A $200 loss can become a $5000 in a few minutes.

“Parents are pimping their kids on Patreon and the like. I watched two videos the other day, exposing that people can buy a ” exclusive picture sets”

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